The Wormhole – Timelapse Video 4K

Abstract Timelapse and Hyperlapse Video

The Wormhole – Timelapse 4K from Michael Shainblum on Vimeo.

“WARNING: This video may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised.”

I am proud to share my latest abstract mirror 4k timelapse and hyperlapse video “The Wormhole”. I knew after creating Mirror city ( I wanted to keep exploring the idea of kaleidoscopic imagery in timelapse. This time I wanted to expand upon the idea, creating scenes that feel like new worlds in alternate universes. I utilized camera techniques such as hyperlapse and aerial video to further showcase the surrealism in the video. Cities showcased in this video are Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, New York City, Dubai, Doha, Singapore, Shanghai. I really hope you enjoy the video! I am also planning to make a new VR version of this video very soon. Which will give a different different immersive experience to the original.

Created by Michael Shainblum

Soundtrack: Let Your Love Rescue Me by Bradford Nyght

4K abstract mirror timelapse footage.
Singapore City 4K abstract time lapse footage.

Here is one of my favorite scenes from the video. This time lapse scene was taken at the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore. An already very abstract place, with some incredible architecture and a beautiful light shoot. The streaming colors were actually part of the original timelapse. I wanted to have this scene start out with 2 mirrors and expand into a blooming kaleidoscopic flower, full of colors.

4K abstract mirror hyperlapse
Los Angeles Aerial hyperlapse abstract timelapse footage.

This scene was taken out of a helicopter hyperlapse looking down at Los Angeles. I love out the mirrors creates a completely new look to the buildings and the little cars are still visible down on the roads. This scene has stark contrast to the previous one, having a very neutral color palate. Making the shapes and movement a lot more apparent.

4K abstract mirror timelapse footage.
New York City abstract timelapse video.

This is one of the more simple scenes to the video. During the intro I wanted to keep the movement static, giving the eye lots of time to explore the different shapes within the composition. As the light in the timelapse shifts, you can see the car movement down below.

4K abstract mirror timelapse footage.
Dubai City abstract timelapse video.

Another favorite from the beginning of the timelapse film, this one is a static shot taken high above Dubai. The busy freeways create lots of motion in the scene with the Dubai monorail creating a circle around the center of the frame. This scene reminds me a lot of a computer circuit board.

4K abstract mirror timelapse footage.
San Francisco City abstract 4K timelapse video.

This is a fairly quick static scene taken in San Francisco. I loved the way the mirror creates a frame around the outer edges. Almost as if the viewer is looking straight down at a little courtyard.

4K abstract mirror time lapse
Shanghai City abstract 4K timelapse video.

I really wanted to add more of the human element into this video. During the climax of the song some of the abstract light trails transform into this very busy scene of people walking around in Shanghai. Each person with there colorful attire created blending patterns of colors and shapes, almost like paint being splattered onto a canvas.

4K abstract timelapse
Dubai City abstract 4K timelapse video.

This static scene was actually my favorite to watch back in the time lapse video. The fairly simple color palette with the little boats drifting through the composition, made this one a blast to work on.

4k timelapse video
Dubai City 4K abstract timelapse footage.

This is the timelapse that started the entire video project in my mind. Taken directly from the idea of Mirror City, this was the first shot added to my timeline. Adding more scenes and constructing the overall progression of the video, helped to shape the video and differentiate it from my first mirror project.


  1. Susan Manley

    Fascinating to watch! Ever since I was a child I liked kaleidoscopes. This goes far beyond anything I have seen Surreal! Thank you for sharing your video art!

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