Aerial Video & UAV Drone 4K Footage

Aerial video can give a completely new perspective to familiar landscapes and locations. My interest into shooting aerial films began from staring out of plane windows on vacation. I would keep my camera with me clicking images the entire flight. That journey truly began with my first helicopter flight over San Francisco in 2014. Since then, I have been lucky enough to shoot aerial footage/photography over the Canadian Rockies, Hawaii, Faroe Islands, Iceland, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oregon, The South West and more. Below is a collection of UAV drone 4k video and helicopter footage from various projects.

Rise Oregon UAV Drone 4K Aerial Video

A collection of Oregon aerial clips shot from drones.

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Los Angeles Helicopter Aerial Footage

A collection of Los Angeles aerial clips. Taken at sunset and night time out of a helicopter.

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Desert Dreams UAV Drone 4K Aerial Video

Here are a few scenes taken from California and Utah during 2015 and 2016.

Aerial Services and Aerial Video Licensing


Commission professional aerial helicopter video/drone content for your commercial or personal project.


License stock aerial footage content in

uncompressed 4K or HD.

Aerial Stock Footage Licensing: All of the clips featured in this video are available for licensing in 4K and 1080p for a range of different commercial/personal projects. Shoot me an email here for more details:

In addition to aerial video content. I have also shot a range of aerial photography projects, with high resolution still. including some cityscape photographs and aerial landscapes. You can find some of those projects below.

San Francisco Aerial Collection

Canadian Rockies Aerial Collection

Los Angeles Aerial Collection

Birds Eye View Aerial Collection

stock aerial footage san francisco
Stock aerial footage: Flight over San Francisco California
San Francisco Aerial Photography.
San Francisco Aerial Photography.
Aerial video licensing, aerial film San Francisco helicopter
Aerial video licensing, San Francisco helicopter.