Iceland Photography: Winter Dreams

Iceland Aerial Photography, Aurora Photography and Landscape Photography

My recent trip to Iceland brought some amazing experiences where I was able to create some of my favorite images. It’s a place that I have wanted to visit now for years. I had seen tons of stunning Iceland Photography through friends and colleagues, so it was awesome to get out there and see the locations for myself. My main focus was to capture Northern Lights photography over some of the unique Icelandic Landscapes. But aside from the Aurora, I also wanted to shoot the diversity of the textures, patterns and colors within the landscape. Here is a collection of Iceland landscape photography from my journey.

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Aurora Iceland Landscape Photography
Iceland Aurora Photography

Aurora photography over Iceland was, by far, one of the most amazing experiences that I have ever had whilst shooting landscapes. I thought that I would be prepared for the incredible display of light and movement, but nothing prepares you for just how unreal it is in person. There were moments in time where I actually felt unable to operate my camera and found myself gazing up at the lights in awe.

The first photo here is of the Aurora captured over Skógafoss waterfall. I did a vertical panorama to show as much of the landscape as I could whilst also showcasing the Northern Lights. The second photo is of the Northern Lights captured over one of the most famous mountains in Iceland, Kirkjufell. I wanted to do something different with my Aurora photography, so I found pieces of ice in the foreground that complemented and mimicked the shape of the mountain peak itself.

Aurora Iceland Landscape Photography
Iceland Photography at the Vesterhorn, Iceland Aurora Photography

The thing about Northern Lights photography is that it can be quite tricky to predict where the Aurora is going to show. On this night, we thought we had gotten bad conditions as there was a decent amount of cloud coverage and no sign of the Aurora showing up anytime soon. To our surprise, it returned in the middle of the night, filling the entire sky above Mount Vestrahorn. In the end, patience and persistence is what Aurora photography is all about.

This first photo was again taken over Mount Vestrahorn. During this night, Aurora photography was difficult as the activity of the Northern Lights was a lot more subtle than in the previous photo. I still found it incredibly beautiful with the different textures in the foreground and seeing more of the stars illuminating the sky.

Abstract iceland photography
Iceland Winter Abstract Photography

Not only is Iceland great for Northern Lights photography, but there are many other amazing landscapes to focus on. Here, I found myself intrigued by not only the incredible landscape of Iceland but also the miniature scenes that oftentimes go unnoticed. This abstract shot of ice bubbles and cracks within the ice was shot from within a few inches of the ground.

This first Iceland aerial photo was taken over Seljalandsfoss in Iceland. This was actually one of the first locations that we visited on our trip. This next photo was taken directly over Skógafoss, highlighting the power of a waterfall tumbling down from above.

Iceland Landscape Photography
Iceland Glacier Abstract

There are interesting patterns, colors and textures to be found in the glaciers of Iceland. I love the strong waves of the lines complemented by the deep black scars where the glacial ice has been grazed and sculpted over hundreds of years.

Iceland Landscape Photography
Iceland Winter Mountain

The delicate dusting of snow made for a wonderful winter landscape, unveiling some of the lesser photographed hills and peaks of Iceland.

Here are two of my favorite photos from my Iceland landscape photography collection. The first is an aerial scene showing a desolate road going past a magnificent mountain peak. The second is actually a self-portrait telephoto image where I stood in front of Skógafoss. I wanted to bring in a sense of scale and include a human element into an otherwise abstract photograph.

iceland aerial photography
Iceland Photography during sunrise at the Vesterhorn, Iceland Aerial Photography

The Vestrahorn mountain in Iceland is a very iconic peak with stunning scenery. We spent sunrise photographing this location and I pulled out my Phantom 3 Quadcopter to take this aerial panorama. The formations of ice and sand made for some incredible shapes/textures. Most of our sunrises and sunsets were completely overcast or sunny blue sky with no cloud action. For this Iceland aerial however, I enjoyed the simplicity in the sky complimenting the complex foreground.

Iceland Photography, landscape
Reynisfjara at Sunset, Iceland Landscape Photography

This photo was taken at Reynisfjara beach during a beautiful sunset. We actually didn’t get to see very many colorful sunsets in Iceland. Most of the time that we were there, we were either dealing with heavy rain or full cloud cover. On a few occasions, it was really nice to have a glimpse of the sunlight.

iceland aerial photography
Dyrhólaey Cliffs at Sunset, Iceland Aerial Photography

Iceland is home to some of the most dramatic sea-cliffs that I have ever seen. It was nice to do some aerial photography and be able to see these gigantic formations from a different perspective.

Iceland Landscape Photography
The Milky Way over our Camper Van, Iceland Photography

Our Iceland Northern Lights photography and aerial adventure was amazing. It was great to see the beautiful landscapes that the country had to offer. I can easily say that some of my favorite shooting experiences were made on this trip. We were not only challenged by tough shooting situations and rough weather, but also rewarded with some amazing views and some awesome experiences. To see more landscape photography, check out my other galleries here: 


  1. Epic images Michael! Your stuff is always inspiring and I hope to plan an adventure to Iceland soon, thanks for sharing these awesome photographs!

  2. Every frame of yours have some story. Wishing u good luck…

  3. You work is truly inspirational. I hope one day I can capture images as good as you

  4. Amazing and epic photos! May i know when is the best time to visit Iceland for Northern lights?
    Will i be able to see it if i travel in late Sep/ early Oct?

  5. Your is truly amazing! These pictures are remarkable.

  6. Joseph Cyr-Brophy

    Hey Michael. Love your photos. I was wondering what ND filter do you recommend ?


  7. yann thevenin

    Amazing trip and pictures! Which period of the year did you go to see these auroras..?

  8. Junaid Hassan

    Amazing photos bro. Loved your Youtube channel as well! Keep the good stuff coming! 🙂

  9. Amazing pics.. Truly inspirational.. Do you offer any photo workshops ?

  10. You are God of Photography !! Love your pictures always ! Hope I can learn from you sometime !

  11. Lucho Torres

    Hi Michael, which month of the year was this? Thanks!

  12. Maria Augusta

    Is a true work of art!

  13. Awesome photos! Going tomorrow to Iceland to explore with my hubby + cameras for 8 days!!

  14. Awesome images dude, I love your work!!!
    Keep inspiring! We are going to Iceland this winter for Christmas, hopefully we get some nice conditions!! Cheers!

  15. Always an incredible experience looking through your photos, Michael. This time even more fun because I`m off to Iceland in 20 days. I was there in 2015 too, and it is such an amazing country to visit.
    Best wishes
    Frank Otto

  16. Fernette Eide

    Amazing – blows me away!

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