Landscape Photography Podcast Feature!

Photog Adventures crew and I have a conversation on landscape photography, milky way photography, timelapse photography and aerial photography. I also talk a little bit about the process behind shooting some of my favorite seascape photos and give some tricks/tips.

Here are the two seascape photos that we discuss in the landscape photography podcast. The first image is called Phoenix and the second photos is called Rapture.

The Eastern Sierra Mountain Range offers an extremely diverse range of unique natural features, from some of the oldest living trees in the world to extraordinary desert arches. Beyond its incredible terrain, this area of California also offers stunning, vivid views of the Milky Way and the Night Sky.

Its crazy to think that the Galaxy can be captured with this much detail, only a few hours away from Los Angeles and San Francisco. I hope that seeing some of this footage with influence more people to get out there any witness the magic of the night sky. I have met people in SF and LA that have never seen the Milky Way in their entire life. Why not?! Its within such a close reach!

Having been born and raised in California, I have a special affinity for the Eastern Sierra region. It was one of the first areas that I featured in my early photography projects. I wanted to re-visit this beautiful region and showcase some of my favorite views through Timelapse photography.

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