Los Angeles Aerial Photography And Aerial Video 4K

Los Angeles Aerial 4K

Alright before anyone asks, no this is NOT drone footage. I had the opportunity to take a spontaneous helicopter ride with the doors off above Los Angeles for sunset. Half of the ride was spent taking aerial photography and the other half was spent taking aerial video. All of this footage was shot handheld with the Sony A7R II.

Part of me really wishes I had more time to prepare and rent a gimbal. However part of me was actually glad I shot it handheld. It was my first time doing aerial cinematography out of a real helicopter and it was a huge learning experience for me. The footage out of the helicopter was really shaky and almost seemed unusable. It took many hours in After Effects and Premiere to clean up the footage.

I had to use two-point tracking, manual key framing, and multiple layers of warp stabilizer. It was an extremely difficult challenge and through the process of working on this footage, I feel like I learned a lot. Some of the footage is not perfect. But I am quite proud of the outcome given the situation. I hope to try more aerial cinematography out of a helicopter soon. If you enjoyed the Aerial video, check out my new Los Angeles aerial photography series below.

Downtown Los Angeles aerial at sunset.
Downtown Los Angeles aerial at sunset.
Downtown Los Angeles aerial photography at sunset.
Los Angeles Cityscape at Sunset.
Los Angeles photography
Los Angeles cityscape aerial, at sunset.
Los Angeles aerial photography
Downtown Los Angeles aerial skyline photo.
Los Angeles cityscape aerial photography
Los Angeles aerial photography.
Los Angeles cityscape aerial photography
US Bank downtown Los Angeles photography.
Los Angeles photography
Los Angeles cityscape aerial photography at night.
Los Angeles aerial photography
Downtown Los Angeles cityscape.

I worked on creating a lot of different moods for these aerial photographs with the variety of light. I hope you all enjoyed the gallery! If you liked these photographs consider checking out some of my other cityscape collections. You can check out my cityscape Dubai series by clicking here. Or you can check out my cityscape Shanghai collection by clicking here.


  1. Hey Michael,

    First off, amazing video man! You did a really good job on the edit. I’ve been doing a bit of filming from a helicopter lately but with the Sony fs7 and it looks like it would also have been at slower speeds. But I’ve been shooting at 60fps which tends to help with the shake and you can get enough “usable bits”.

    I am from South Africa and my dad has a film permit in Botswana where I go regularly. We focus on the wildlife side and I have been doing primarily stills but have been shifting to video as I’ve started working on a TV show as a cameraman this year. Early next year, I have the change to take a helicopter flight over a herd of 4000 buffalo which will be an amazing opportunity and I was wondering if you think it will be worth it to get a gimbal for that? I’m not really sure what effect the wind will have on it? Maybe just better to go handheld?

    Anyway, I really like your work man – great job. Your post-processing on landscapes is phenomenal! haha keep it up.


  2. Hi Michael

    My name is Pastor Adrian Alonzo from Calvary Chapel Golden Springs in Diamond Bar. I love the Los Angeles Aerial 4K video you made and was wondering if it could be used on our conference website? The general theme of the website has a LA touch and feel with a Parallax touch. Our current free drone over LA video in the registration section (free from Youtube) is simply “ok.” Can you allow us to use your video?

  3. Mark Kirsch

    Hey Boss,
    Quite an awesome job!! My name is Mark Kirsch and would love to use some footage from your Los Angeles Aerial 4K Video. I doing a marriage proposal video for my girlfriend Emilee. It’s a weird way to ask…but I’ve got an idea to do it from the Helicopter ride were taking while in LA…I took some video on my own myself last December and it was useless… you sure have some mad skills with the stabilization after effects. If she sees my she’ll never agree to the ride…since she fears getting ill. Hope you can assist? I would like to offer and pay something if you would like me too do so…like maybe $50 bucks on paypal or something…it’s up to you boss! I’m working in Sony Vegas with some 4K 2160 footage from my Sony Z100 and I’m sure your 4K 2160 would be a perfect match to my project setting! Well, Thanks in Advance and can’t wait to hear from and you soon!!! Here is my cell if you’d like to text me 253-203-8036
    With Strong Regards;

  4. Hi Michael,
    Currently working on a Danse school show and in charge of video mapping. Would you mind us using your awesome work for a song? The school is located in Quebec city, Canada.

    let me know 馃檪

  5. Hi Michael,
    I’m currently working on a website for a company that sells lights in the larger LA area. Your 4k LA aerial video would be perfect to have playing in the background on the homepage because it showcases so many buildings this company has sold lights to. Please let me know what the licensing options are, I would love to be able to use some of the footage! Thanks!

  6. Hello Michael I love your footage. My name is Sterling and I’m hoping we can work something out to use 45 seconds of your LA drone footage as an establishing shot for my no budget film that I’m entering in film festivals around the globe. Thanks in advance for your assistance and consideration.

  7. Joel Jackson

    Hey Michael, I am a filmmaker from Louisville Kentucky and I was wondering if you sold the licensing for these shots or would be up for me licensing them from you. I have a story where a character moves to Los Angeles but I am finding the time constraints a bit difficult for myself to get down there and film exterior shots for the movie. We have already shot all of our interior shots in the city of Louisville. These shots are absolutely beautiful. Would love to hear back thanks Michael!

  8. Chance Howard

    Would it be possible to use your aerial footage of LA for my video? Ill be happy to give you credit.

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