How to Use Adobe Lightroom: Range Masks

In this Landscape Photography Lightroom editing tutorial. I cover my absolute favorite the Range Mask. This tool allows you to be much more selective with your brushing and masking. This mask allows you to edit a brush selection, radial gradient or liner gradient based on luminance or color. This technique has been extremely helpful for selectively brightening or darkening areas of my images, at the raw level in Adobe Lightroom.

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Landscape Photography Editing Tutorial
Landscape Photography Editing Tutorial


  1. I am cracking up about your dog’s text bubble! And yes I like range masks too.

  2. Had no idea…I think it’s going to be my fave too. The things I did in lr to achieve the same thing was such a time consumer..

  3. Susan Manley

    Very helpful!!!!!

  4. Hi Michael Shainblum,

    Very helpful tutorial, really learnt a lot from your works. I like your time lapse video very much. I’m a Guilin (China) based photographer, if any chance to visit Guilin in the future, I’m glad to be your photo guide.

  5. I’m looking for the tutorial and can’t find it … is there one to see?

  6. Marc Staples

    Another great help. Was not aware of the Luminance masking in Lightroom and am trying it out immediately. Liked the dog in the background. Mine is also bored when I spend too much time with my photos …….

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