Seascape photography is one of my favorite styles of Landscape Photography. Heres 5 quick tips that will help you get started shooting Seascape images.

Here are some links to the filters mentioned in the video and for the cloths/wipes.

At one point in the video I mention “focal length” I meant to say “focal point”. I should also mention, I only use Neutral Density Graduated filters for certain shots, most of the time I exposure blend using Photoshop to darken the sky.

I hope this video helps, thanks so much for watching!

Seascape photography taken in San Diego California.



  1. Todd Shepherd

    Thanks so much for this video. It has great information and just about everything you need to get started with seascapes! Love all your work.

  2. Thanks for sharing the tips. Can you tell more about shutter speed to freeze the water motion.

  3. As always, great tips and photos! I need to get a wider angle lens. 18mm on my crop sensor isn’t cutting it

  4. For some reason, I could not understand and find the filters you mentioned in this video. I thought you said “vue” – but I can not find anything with that name.

  5. Thank you so much for the video. Great tips. Love your photography. I own the Nikon 14-24 and adore that lens. I’m looking for a filter holder and have found NiSi. Which brand do you use? I plan on signing up for your tutorials. Very excited to learn more.

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