Among The Ancients: California Milky Way Timelapse and Nature Timelapse in 4K

California Timelapse Photography: Nestled within the Eastern Sierra Mountain Range lies a treasure trove of natural wonders, offering an unparalleled tapestry of landscapes that range from the world’s oldest living trees to mesmerizing desert arch formations. This corner of California boasts a stunning canvas where the Milky Way graces the night skies, providing an enchanting backdrop for captivating timelapse sequences. It’s a realm where the rhythmic dance of light and shadow paints the landscape in hues of sunrise, sunset, and moonrise, creating a symphony of visual delight.

As a proud native of California, my roots run deep in this land of contrasts. The Eastern Sierra region holds a special place in my artistic journey, having been one of the initial inspirations for my early forays into photography. The allure of capturing its beauty once more tugged at my heartstrings, compelling me to return sooner than later. My mission was clear – to encapsulate the essence of this remarkable terrain through the magic of timelapse photography, delving even more into the intricate details that make this landscape so captivating. The result: a mesmerizing fusion of California timelapse artistry, milky way marvels, and the ever-changing poetry of nature’s timelapse ballet, brought to life sooner and more vividly than before.

Presented here are two captivating snapshots of the Milky Way Galaxy captured during my immersive time-lapse journey. The initial image was seized amidst the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest, nestled within the White Mountains – a sanctuary for some of the oldest living trees. The second portrayal portrays a self-portrait, captured against the mesmerizing backdrop of the Alabama Hills, gracing the vicinity of Lone Pine, California.

I really hope you enjoyed this timelapse film, if you would like to see more check out my nature timelapse photography page.


  1. I am so glad I stumbled upon you and your work on twitter. My only request would be a page on your site devoted just to cumulonimbus clouds! Timelapse and stills! I am still searching for the perfect photo to put on my wall……

  2. Albert Hagan

    Thank you Michael!
    “Take only memories, leave only footprints”
    You allow some of us to relive the wonder of what we experienced

  3. Michael, Beautiful, beautiful videography. Inspiring! The music ? Waay over the top. Bombastic. Do you think your imagery needs help? I don’t. In Hollywood, music cues like these are employed to help a poor story.
    Soundscapes, Yes! Organic tracks, Yes! Your images really touched me, made me want to pick up my camera, then the music just pulled me out of the moment.
    …… from a retired production sound mixer

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