I was asked a question recently, a question I had to think about for awhile. “How did you create your style in photography?” I decided to make my answer as a video response and a quick discussion of what “Style in Photography” means to me. I really hope you guys enjoy the video!

A photographic style isn’t something that is manufactured out of nowhere. its something that is shaped overtime, by our interests, inspirations and experiences. Its how we show who we are as individual artists. I did not know that I had developed a unique style until people expressed that to me. Overtime my photographic style was molded and shaped.

My advice for aspiring photographers who have not yet developed their on style. Be patient and let it happen naturally. Keep on shooting and practicing as much as possible. Overtime you will realize more and more, how/why you want to take a photograph in a certain way. You will realize how/why you want to process those images in a certain way. The most important thing is to keep having fun.

Fog Mountain Hike Sunset


  1. Hey Michael, thanks for the video, it is interesting to hear another photographers insight into how they came about their style of photography. I myself as a photographer find my style is always based around what my emotions are at that time and what I see in my head when I am at a location. I find my style evolves over time, do you find that your style evolves?
    I sometimes have remarks from social media users about the use of photoshop in my photos which can be frustrating. I use photoshop as a tool to get the photos to show what is in my head. I would love to see an in depth tutorial of your editing within photoshop! Are you planning on releasing any in the future? Your photos really inspire me and keep pushing me to improve. Thanks for sharing your awesome work, I look forward to seeing more in the future. If you ever head to the Uk come checkout Jersey, its a small island between France and the UK. Its an amazing place for seascapes and night photography, you would love it!!!
    Kind regards
    Nick Venton

    • Thanks Nick! My style is nothing like what it was when I first started taking photos. Do not let the trolls get to you, just keep doing your thing! I have some Lightroom and Photoshop tutorials in the premium tutorial section of the site. I plan to release more soon!

  2. Wow man, loved the video, and you’re images are the single most powerful insirational thing I have found since getting into photography. Thanks for that.

  3. Mark Mc Mullan

    Great vid Micheal your work is very inspiring , but can I ask who inspired you in landscape photography and still inspires you today ? .

    • Thanks Mark, I have been inspired by hundreds of landscape photographers over the years. Most of the people that inspired me back then are still inspirations to me now. My friends Ted Gore, Alex Noriega, Erin Babnik and Tj Thorne are incredible photographers. They are some photographers that I have gone on trips with and we all constantly give each other critiques and bounce ideas off each other.

  4. Great answers to the “developing style” question. Thanks Michael.

  5. Luke Suver

    Hey Michael!
    I just watched this video and it has inspired me, I can say that. I am a 14 year old just getting into photography and I’m not doing to well. I don’t know where to start, how to take pictures that people will actually like. I just need help on how to get started.

  6. Thanks for the video. I’m trying to find my style. I feel like I’m ready to re process most of my photos as the more photos I look at I feel I’m changing. Enjoyed your gallery!!

  7. Serhii Sad

    Hi, Michael! Thank you for the video. I’m 17 years old and learning photography. I’ve recently discovered your profile on instagram and then went on this site and what a magic pics I’ve seen! I guess how you’ve captured that, but if it’s possible, write a few words about “Temple of Moonlight”. It’s absolutely amazing. https://500px.com/photo/95877261/temple-of-moonlight-by-michael-shainblum?ctx_page=2&from=user&user_id=886615 The stars are super-sharp and the water is blurred at the same time. Maybe when using long exposure the stars seem blurred also, or not? Thanks again and good luck in art!

  8. So cool to listen to you Michael in my room in Paris. You said something very important and I have echoed what you have said to all my students. You can’t see or know your style until you yourself witness it change and this change is brought on by echoes off our own experiences. Keep photographing the world! All the best and love your posts!

    Visually, Christopher Broughton

    • Thanks so much Chris, its actually really cool that you found this video. You were one of the first people to inspire me to keep doing what I want and not follow the more commercial route. While others encouraged me to go for portrait photography or advertising and were very skeptical of my landscape work, you always had good advice for me. I am still and will forever be extremely grateful.

      Thanks again!

  9. Hi Michael, I have been following your work a lot lately, too bad I haven’t seen your images sooner, but I just wanted to thank you for caring about this kind of videos, sharing your thoughts and experiences can really help others, especially someone who doesn’t have close friends into photography. I have been struggling to get my own path in photography, but lately I have found that landscape photography is what I really like, hopefully in the future I will be able to make a living with this. Thanks again, your work is inspirational by itself.

  10. Michael-

    Thanks to you for putting yourself out there. I appreciate you being vulnerable and being human almost as much as your amazing photos. Your work is inspiring me to continue to improve my photos. I hope to be able to meet you some day and learn more.

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