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Milky Way Photography and Night Sky Photography

The night sky has been one of my favorite subjects to photograph over the years. Heres a collection of my favorite milky way photography and astrophotography. If you are curious about my processing techniques for astrophotography check out my post processing masterclass by clicking here.

All of the Milky Way photography and night sky images above are available for licensing.


  1. Stevemawer

    Amazing fantastic images can I buy any of these images as a poster

  2. Hi,

    The Milky Way and the sky are looks soft but remain the detail. Can I know how to do that?

    • Its a combination of a few things, mostly the dodge/burn method I apply and also a subtle amount of Orton glow. I have some of these techniques over in the tutorial section.

  3. Sebastian

    Greetings from Chile Michael, i love your photos, pity you don’t have a spanish website. You’re a great inspiration for me.

  4. Hey Mike, your work its pretty awesome, I have study your work carefully and its pretty perfect, actually yesterday I have purchased your star photography tutorial, and I´m so excited to make my own photos with your technique! You are a master. Greetings from Puebla, Mexico!

  5. Hey Michael! You’re an absolute inspiration to my photography! I’m a photography student doing a level 3 course for year 11, and my major body of work is going to be telling a story through astrophotography. I noticed the foreground in the images with people in them, or even without people, are bright and vibrant and detailed yet soft. I was wondering if you could share with me how I could go about achieving this effect. Love your images!

  6. Web site is looking super nice Michael! Looks like a combo of WordPress and SmugMug? Really killer, beautiful layout 😉

  7. Hey Shain 🙂
    Wow. And again wow. Each of these photos is breathtaking… I am very much interested in using one of your photos for the cover of my next album titled, “Asleep in a Satellite”. I believe the aesthetic is perfect for the music! Please email me at the address provided with information on your licensing fees.
    Thank you,

  8. Hi Michael Shainblum, those are some really nice photographs you took of the Milky Way. I was wondering where was this taken at from one of your time lapses on YouTube from 1:20-1:29. Congrats on creating such a great time lapse and website. Thanks for sharing your work. This is a great place for motivation.

  9. Santhosh Agnes

    You are My Inspire

  10. Stumbled on your website looking for Milky Way shots in California. Amazing gallery and an inspiration for sure! When did you take those photos of the Milky Way in CA? Can I assume it was during the summer months?

  11. hi
    i see the pictures and now I’m in wander now.If you can pleas say what is your camera and what is your ISO,WB and etc about this pictures.I’m e amateur astrophotographer and want to learn a lot of things from you.tanks
    amir from IRAN:)

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